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Telangana - Free Civils Coaching under Telangana ST Corporation

Telangana - Free Civils Coaching under Telangana ST Corporation

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There has been significant rise in the levels of unemployment, due to lack of skills and poor quality of students. The private sector has been slow in hiring and has also been witnessing retrenchment, jobs are scarce; due to which the graduates from various streams have turned towards government jobs. The Telangana government wants youth’s potential to be realize with appropriate training and development.

With the bifurcation of the state, many vacancies have arisen in the government and there is a dearth of quality personnel across various government offices. To fill these lacunae in human resource, the government has undertaken the massive task of appropriately training the youth for various government jobs. Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle is the partner of the Telangana government for training more aspirants for the Group I, Group II and other government jobs. Telangana ST Corporation has collaborated with Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle under the government sponsored scheme for training the graduates. Under this scheme the aspirants are provided quality and affordable training and coaching for the civils and allied competitive exams

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