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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


1. Creating dynamic and highly self-motivated leaders for the country.
2. Able and efficient civil servants who strive to create a better society.
Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle wishes to train and equip young aspirants with knowledge and skills by unleashing their talent, in this competitive world. We do not just share information but share our knowledge and experiences, so that an individual emerges as an effective leader who can make a difference to the society. Such individuals irrespective of the results in the exams will be true asset to the society.


1. Bringing out the potential of the students under expert and experienced mentors from various walks of life.
2. Our efforts are dedicated to impart quality civil’s coaching which will create competent professionals.
We want to remove education from the clutches of commercialization and ensure that the quality education is accessible and affordable to all those are desirous of serving the nation or becoming a civil servant.  Education should never be the sole domain of those who have financial capacity. In this endeavor, we constantly push and challenge ourselves to think out of the box for solutions to increase our reach to different parts of the country, keep the cost effective and also simultaneously maintaining quality.


1. Focus on students: Meeting and pre-empting student needs by creating a conducive environment so that students can attain their goals. Personalized approached to help them attain their true potential.

2. Excellence: Maintain a high standard for ensuring achievement of academic and professional goals. Excellence in all aspects of the organization, through out

3. Collaboration: Collaborating with individuals, organizations, institutions and agencies to ensure that the civil’s coaching becomes both inexpensive and easily available.

4. Life-Long Learning: Engaging with enthusiastic, independent and innovative thinkers which ensures growth of the organisation and helps in achieving our vision and mission.

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