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The Indian Civil Services Examinations are among the toughest examinations to crack and only the best get through. It requires patience, perseverance and the ability to take timely decisions. That’s only 50%. If you can put in consistent hard work with proper guidance, cracking the Civils is very much achievable. In my 15 years of training IAS aspirants, I have seen attitude win over intelligence, perseverance trump natural talent and will power overcome failure.

The Indian Civil Services remains the dream job for aspiring youngsters who desire to bring a positive change in the outlook of the Indian society. The power, prestige and the perks that come with being an IAS officer are virtually unlimited. Civil services is a marathon. Amidst the various subjects, in numerous examinations, endless classes and hours of grueling studying, you’ll transform into a focused, disciplined and principled individual ready to take on any challenge.

We initially started an institute with a vision to impart free civil services coaching to students from the weak economic backgrounds and marginalized social groups. With time, we established ourselves on the strength of our teaching methodology, quality of faculty and our personalized approach. Our popularity increased and we were encouraged to start an institute for the larger public, this took the shape of Dr. Lakshmaiah’s IAS Study Circle. DLSC has one of the highest success rates in the country has produced more than 20 IAS and IPS officers for the nation.

Our ultimate mission is to create the leaders of the country. For this purpose, we seek to bring self-motivated youngsters under one roof and a Degree with civil services coaching is a part of this plan. We want to identify motivated and focused students who want to be a part of the civil services and give them the right guidance and train them for the toughest job in the country. We seek to create a conducive atmosphere for the students to develop as holistic and well-rounded individuals who are an asset to our nation.

– Para Padmaja Rani ,B.Sc., B.Ed (MPC)
Director – Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle

It has been more than seven decades since our nation gained its independence and the freedom fighters who struggled and toiled hard for liberation had a grand vision for our newly formed nation. Since then we have come a long way but we still have ‘miles to go’ before we can reach all our goals. The onus of translating their vision into a reality lies with the civil servants of this country. The nation needs dynamic, energetic, dedicated & honest civil servants, who have a vision of creating a progressive, developed & modern society. I exhort the youth of our nation to inculcate a deep sense of social responsibility, an upright attitude & boldness in their outlook. I urge all the young aspirants who would like to become part of the prestigious civil services to work hard to become a civil servant and continue to strive hard.

– K. V. Satyanarayan, IAS
Honorary  Adviser – Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle

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