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Ethics and Human Interface

What is Ethics?
• Dimensions of Ethics
• Essence of Ethics
• Approaches of Ethical Study as Indian Perspective and Western Perspective
• Basic concept of ethics morality and value
• Ethics in public life
• Ethics in Economic Life
• Freedom and Discipline
• Duties and Rights
• Virtue Ethics
• Consequences of Ethics in Human Actions
• Values and Ethics in Government: Legislature, Executive and judiciary
• Contribution of Family in Value Education
• Contribution of Society in Inculcating Values
• Role of Educational Institutions in Inculcating Values


Related Topics in This Paper

  1. Human values
  2. Aptitude and Foundational Values of Civil Services
  3. Attitude
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Values and Ethics in Public Administration , Ethics in International Relations , Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Probity in Governance
  7. Leaders, Reformers & Administrators, Contribution of Thinkers (World)
  8. Applied Ethics
  9. Supplementary Ethics