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Managing Stress

Managing Stress

As we have explored in the previous posts stress is a vicious cycle, stress can cause us to act and behave in an erratic manner and this in turn can cause more stress. The cycle of stress is a difficult one to break, the first step though is to recognize that you are stressed. This helps us in dealing with it in a more effective manner. Identify the causes of stress, and try to find solutions for it.

If the study schedule is putting pressure on you, then ease back for a while. Regroup and attend the classes with fresh perspective. Lack of sleep making you irritable, unplug all your electronic devices and gadgets and sleep till you feel recharged.  Sometimes we unconsciously put ourselves in pressure. Talk to yourself and understand that – you don’t have to do it, but you want to do it. This simple idea can help us change our approach to our study schedule. ‘Wanting’ is our desire hence our choice, ‘have’ to study creates a pressure cooker situation.

Explore stress management strategies, such as regular physical activity, relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, keeping a sense of humor, socializing with family and friends, controlling caffeine consumption, reading a book or listening to music. Eat well, eating lighter and less amount of food keeps us feeling fresh and nimble both mentally and physically. Preparing for the civil services is a small part of our very big lives, so it should not take over our lives. And passing or failing the exam doesn’t make us smarter or loser, it is a bit of luck as well.


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