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Handling Home Sickness & Loneliness

Handling Home Sickness & Loneliness

If this is the first time you are staying away from home, keep mentally preparing yourself. Having a plan and some ready tips handy and ease the stress of moving to another city. Maybe you can ask a friend to move with you as well. Stay in a hostel so that most of the everyday chores are taken care of by them and you can focus on studies, you will get ready roommates and you will never be short of company. Try to stay in PG with friendly and warm owner aunty who can help you tackle small everyday challenges and you can chat up with when you are feeling low. 

Read up about the new city and the neighborhood so that you are familiar with it and it doesn’t seem strange. Try to make friend in the class with whom you can share news and have discussions relevant to your course, also you can battle loneliness. Technology is a great tool to reduce distances, use phone, skype, facetime, voice call, video call and other facilities to reach out to friends and family. Take time out to give yourself a break and explore the new city (always maintain caution) albeit even alone, it is a chance to knowing oneself better. This can be exciting and can help you shake off some of the mental cobwebs.


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