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Changing Your Approach

Changing Your Approach

Certain times we may feel that we are at a dead end, so in such cases it is useful to change your approach and strategy to resolve the problems. Try to change the subject you are studying, ask friends to explain the topic which will give us newer perspective; do the same for your friend, this can act as a challenge to explain the topic thoroughly and you will remember the topic too. As the saying goes ‘to teach is to learn twice’. Mind maps & infographics are excellent visual aids that will help us in remembering topics.

Some topics have interesting and engaging videos, entertaining and at the same time help us grasp the concept. Crash course is one such Youtube educational channel which has many subjects that has been explained in a fun and interesting visual manner. But beware, do not get carried over, as you may end up wasting too much of your time if you are not alert. There a lot of podcast also available on informative topics,  listening to AIR news while commuting can save time and 
Studying or revising the same topic multiple times, can be boring and challenging. The idea is to approach the same topic with innovative learning methods, different perspective and develop a sense of curiosity to make the process more interesting. 


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